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Spring is on its way!

Updated: Mar 12

While we might still be in the last stages of winter, now is the best time to think about spring clean up and get your property ready to impress. Now is the time to start planning for the upcoming season. Below are a few commercial lawn maintenance tips to ensure you have a successful landscape season.


Assess your grounds.

Before you begin to plan for the upcoming landscape season, you and your landscape provider should schedule a walkthrough and ensure everything is in working order. From improperly working drainage, damaged turf and plants, winter can leave surprises which will need to be addressed in short order.

Clear out weeds and debris.     

After this harsh winter season is finally over, your landscape will need a thorough spring cleaning. Twigs, broken branches, leaves, and other debris will need to be cleared away. Any weeds which have started in walkway, parking areas, and along the walls of the building, detract from a site’s neat and clean appearance. At Pro Lawns we offer a proactive approach to weed control to mitigate and prevent them from returning during the season. 

Mowing, fertilizing, and mulching.     

A new layer of mulch will help keep weeds from establishing and prevent them from sprouting as the weather warms up. As the ground thaws the turf will need nutrients readily available. Early spring is an ideal time to apply fertilizer and preemergent herbicide. Pro Lawns uses the most up to date fertilizers, weed control products, and equipment available.

Inspect irrigation and drainage systems.    

Frozen temperatures, ice, snow, and winter traffic can cause problems for your irrigation system. A spring irrigation inspection during the start up process will ensure you have water for plants and turf when they need it. A consistent watering schedule will keep turf green and plant material viable all season long. Pro Lawns technicians keep a watchful eye on our client’s irrigation systems to head off any major issues all season long.

Just to reiterate, now as the temperatures warm up, and the days are perfect to get outdoors. Take time to get ready for a successful landscape season with a few basic steps which will get things off to a great start and an awesome spring! If you are looking for a new set of eyes on your sites, contact Pro Lawns for an onsite evaluation.


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