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Irrigation Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri



Pro-Lawns, Inc. is able to properly maintain commercial irrigation systems for through zone adjustment, water conservation, winterization, necessary repairs and certified backflow testing.


Commercial properties present unique challenges in terms of watering lawns and appropriate landscapes. Because commercial organizations are the products of finite planning, most buildings, lawns, and business parks are equipped with irrigation systems to ensure watering is effective and takes place on a regular basis. For the irrigation system to perform its function as designed, it will require routine maintenance.


With proper care, a quality irrigation system will last for years and years by adhering to a maintenance schedule. At Pro-Lawns, Inc. our horticulture experts are the most capable irrigation maintenance providers available in St. Louis, and we strive to offer service that always meets customer satisfaction.

Irrigation Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri


The Importance of Irrigation

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties often possess a series of features that need regular watering. Lawns, landscaped beds, trees, shrubs, and soil create a pleasing look and first appearance for visitors, and all of these features need water to thrive.

Irrigation systems are easily the most efficient tools available to meet the watering needs of various plant life while serving to keep the soil supple and healthy. Irrigation systems also aid in water conservation when scheduled properly and can ultimately save an organization money from expensive lawn repair, sodding and soil needs that arise due to neglect and drought-like conditions. Irrigation systems can also be managed and scheduled to adhere to any legal stipulations put in place due to a drought or natural disaster.

System Maintenance

In order for an irrigation system to perform the job it is designed to do; it must be routinely maintained. Waiting until there is a problem with the system is waiting too long to maintain it. Ultimately, repairs to irrigation systems are quite expensive, especially when compared to maintenance services that can easily fit into a budget and only need to be performed a few times per year.


We offer professionals who are skilled in working with a variety of irrigation systems, sprinkler heads and watering devices to guarantee that water is providing complete coverage.


What is a Backflow Device?

In the state of Missouri, the law requires that all commercial irrigation systems be fitted with a backflow device. This important device prevents water from flowing from an irrigation system to the original water source, thus preventing “used” water from entering a building through a drinking fountain or sink. This is enforced by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources through an annual inspection. At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we are certified and licensed backflow testers, able to properly maintain and repair backflow devices.

Back Flow Prevention Device & Meter Commerical Irrigation in St. Louis Missouri

More Services

Serving the St. Louis area for over 20 years, the team at Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers qualified, excellent irrigation maintenance and repair to commercial organizations throughout the metro area. At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we take pride in the commercial irrigation maintenance services we provide. For additional questions or queries about existing irrigation services or one of our many other services, please contact us for a consultation.

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