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Commercial Snow Removal in St. Louis Missouri


Snow Removal

We are a full-service snow removal company that specializes in commercial snow removal for properties in your area. Snow removal services for commercial properties are provided by our certified and trained professionals.


The Premier Commercial Snow Removal Service

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we are unmatched in snow removal services to commercial organizations within the St. Louis metro area. Our service consistently exceeds customer expectation, and always achieves great satisfaction. We take pride in our ability to help commercial organizations remain “open” even when a beautiful white blanket has created a winter wonderland. Our fleet of plows and dump trucks can perform any job, no matter how big or how small. Our professional employees will also do the work necessary to clear sidewalk and entryways, using modern equipment as well as the trusty old shovel. Whatever it takes to get the job done, at Pro-Lawns, Inc., we’ll do it.

Reliable Snow Removal

We will show up 1 HR before the storm begins

We have a client retention rate of 98%

$5 Million General Liability

Snow the night before? We will clear your lot by 5 A.M.

Highly Competitive Pricing

Lot will look like it’s still Spring

Lot will be clear from one end to the other

No blocked handicapped parking spots by snow piles

No snow piles where customers walk

No re-thawing and freezing


Our fleet of snowplows and dump trucks are operated by capable professionals who offer private, commercial entities better service than what many cities and counties can offer. We own a large, private reserve that boasts three locations throughout the greater St. Louis area, allowing our team to work efficiently when plowing and salting roads and immense lots that cover multiple acres.

Commercial Snow Removal in St. Louis Missouri Plowing and Salting
Commercial Snow Removal in St. Louis Missouri


We Handle Everything For You!

24/7 Commercial Snow Removal

For St. Louis residents and commercial organizations in the metropolitan area, one thing can be expected with great reliability – between the months of November and April, snow will fall from the St. Louis sky. It may come often, or it may come only once, but regardless of the inconsistent weather patterns in the state of Missouri, the snow and ice are most certainly coming. For commercial organizations hoping to let their lights shine during these times, and remain open for business, it is necessary to prepare a plan of action well in advance. In fact, when employing a professional service to aid in dealing with inclement weather, it is never too early to take “snow removal” off a to-do list.

The Necessity for Quality

As beautiful as the snow is on a day off from work or activity, it can truly become a nuisance to anyone trying to earn a living, go to or even get through the parking lot of their complex. Snow creates a hazard for the pedestrian as well as the driver, and regardless of “taking extra care,” accidents abound during times of snow and ice. In to provide employees, residents, and customers with a safer environment during snow-filled days, it is necessary for commercial organizations to have a quality snow removal service. Clearing parking lots, driveways, roadways, and sidewalks will provide safety and peace of mind.


Snow Removal Equipment and Machines

The snowplow and box plows are effective pieces of snow removal equipment for clearing parking lots, roadways, and large paved areas. Most trucks geared for plowing duties also provide a simultaneous salt drop, aiding in a quick melt process. Box plow enables heavy trucks or machinery such as a skid loader or front loader to remove large amounts of snow with each pass. These are especially effective for large parking lots. In addition to a snow plow, or a box plow, our dump trucks are equipped with  salt spreaders to handle the salting needs on properties.

Commercial Snow Removal in St. Louis Missouri

Commercial Snow Removal Needs in St. Louis

Pro-Lawns, Inc. is the premier commercial snow removal service in the greater St. Louis area. Equipped with all the modern equipment necessary to get the job done expediently, our large fleet of trucks is capable of plowing and salting throughout the city, due to a large salt reserve in three locations. As part of our premier snow removal services, Pro-Lawns, Inc. uses Ice Ban additive, greatly reducing the corrosive nature of road salt without interfering with the effectiveness of the method. In addition to clearing spaces, we also specialize in removing snow piles, allowing for smooth operation of commercial roads and parking lots.

Commercial Snow Removal in St. Louis Missouri

Let us bid your snow removal project today.

You’ll like the difference our 25+ years of experience makes.

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Pro-Lawns was recently featured on KMOV!

Snow plow businesses prepare for the next round of snow

As St. Louis prepares for a winter storm this week, snow plow company, Pro-Lawns, say they’re ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Commercial Snow Removal in St. Louis Missouri

More Services

It’s never too early to plan for winter snow removal needs, especially in the St. Louis area, where snow may drop between the months of November and April. When it comes to snow removal, modern equipment and machines, Pro-Lawns, Inc. is unmatched in capability and experience.

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