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Mulch Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri



There are a variety of mulches and different mulching techniques that are available to commercial landscaped properties, yet what is the point of using mulch?


Many look at a beautifully mulched bed or planted area and see the immediate effect in terms of aesthetic beauty. Mulching helps to create clean lines, allowing flowers, trees, and shrubs to really show off their greatest attributes. Mulch also separates the areas from the surrounding lawn, providing a man-made island of sorts.

The Purpose of Mulch

As much as mulch can lend a helping hand to aesthetic beauty, it serves an excellent purpose in landscaped bedding. One important aspect of mulch is the fact that it helps suppress weeds. Shredded or ground mulches do an excellent job of preventing weed growth in a planted bed. Mulch is also effective in insulating soils from extreme temperatures. In summer and winter months it is especially vital to moderate soil temperatures in landscaped beds – this prevents root levels from experiencing extremes which can cause harm to a growth cycle. A well mulched area will also help retain moisture for the roots found beneath. This is effective in combating rapid evaporation from the sun, as well as providing a consistent moisture level for the roots during heavy watering seasons.

Mulch Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri

Double Ground Mulch

Double ground mulch is a process of mulching that includes tree parts, brush and branches which are ground into a fine mulch before being added to wood chips and re-ground. This double ground process offers a fine mulch that is excellent for moisture retention as well as weed suppression in landscaped planters. As the mulch continues to break down, it adds organic matter to the soil, thus never needing to be removed, only cultivated as it once again becomes part of the earth.

Dyed Hardwood Mulches

Dyed hardwood mulches present a consistent look throughout the year, while serving a functional purpose. These mulches are particularly effective when used around trees and on sloped areas, as the mulch clings to itself. These mulches are excellent at offering moisture retention, soil temperature moderation and breakdown to create organic matter.

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