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Aeration Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri



Pro-Lawns, Inc. can determine whether or not aeration is necessary for better overall lawn health, while also offering a variety of other lawn and turf care solutions to commercial organizations.


Commercial properties present unique challenges to owners and operators when it comes to the necessity of lawn maintenance. For those who operate their property in an environment experiencing the harsh effects of all four seasons, the demands on turf and soil are even greater. Often, commercial property owners and operators do what is necessary to keep the lawn well-manicured in the summer, yet do not properly care for lawns during seasons of minimal growth, nor offer maintenance techniques to the lawn to ensure overall health and beauty throughout every season of the year.

How to Enjoy a Healthy Commercial Lawn

The lawn of a commercial property often represents the face of an organization. Perhaps it is a church, a club, a business, or schools; whatever the case may be, a healthy, well-manicured lawn says to the visitor, “we take pride in our property.”

Regular, routine maintenance offers optimal health to the lawn, while also preventing a wealth of problems, from insect infestations to weeds like broadleaf, dandelion and clover. Such unwelcome insects and plants not only rob the property of a beautiful aesthetic look, but they also rob the grass and soil of the nutrients necessary to maintain healthy growth.

Aeration Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri

Why Aeration is a Necessity for a Healthy Lawn

Much like a human being, a lawn needs to breathe. Without air, grass cannot live a healthy life cycle. Aeration is a process of breaking up the soil in order for water, sunlight and oxygen to reach the lawn roots. Aeration is also effective in increasing soil microorganisms that are responsible for reducing thatch. Lawns that are highly trafficked, such as a churchyard, school yard or a field that is used for sports or regular activity, often experience enough stress that aeration is called for.

Aeration also helps in breaking down compacted areas of soil, helping to prevent run-off of fertilization, herbicides, and pesticides. Through the process, the soil will absorb what it is supposed to, offering optimal health and nutrition to the lawn.

Does My Commercial Property Need Aeration?

For anyone who is uncertain about what lawn maintenance services are necessary for optimal growth, it is best to rely on an expert diagnosis. Professional lawn care services can sample lawn and soil conditions to determine what aeration techniques are necessary for each unique lawn. These organizations are also able to perform necessary aeration techniques to break the soil compaction to lead to better overall lawn health.

Aeration Commercial Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis Missouri
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