For businesses and organizations in the St. Louis area, there is an absolute that will always claim a portion of an annual budget: Lawn Maintenance. It may be filed under beautification, lawn mowing, trimming or landscaping, but the fact remains, whether a church, a corporation, a homeowner's association or an apartment complex, the lawn must be properly cared for. Well-manicured and healthy lawns look great, but they also increase overall property value, sending a positive message to customers, visitors and community members.

Year-Round Climate and Maintenance Demands in St. Louis

The greater St. Louis metro area and Midwest climate can be harsh on turfs, lawns and soils. Though there is often adequate precipitation throughout the year, the four distinct seasons present a wealth of problems such as extreme heat, humidity and insects in the summer, coupled with extreme cold, ice and snow during the winter. The spring and fall inevitably offer ideal growing environments for weeds, often stretching a lawn maintenance budget to the extreme.

A variety of fertilizations and lawn care techniques are needed for a lawn to possess optimal health. For example, in St. Louis, lawns are in need of fertilization with iron-additive in the summer and with crabgrass and broadleaf control during the spring and fall. They also need maintenance techniques such as a dethatching and aeration to ensure that the soil is receiving the necessary air and nutrients to produce a healthy, green turf. Shrubbery needs to be trimmed, and trees need to be expertly pruned. These services will often go undone, and ultimately create for an unhealthy lawn environment.

Pro-Lawns, Inc. The Answer to Lawn Maintenance Needs in St. Louis

Regardless of lawn maintenance needs throughout the four seasons, Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers premier professional service, focused on customer satisfaction. By fulfilling basic lawn care needs such as mowing, trimming and edging, Pro-Lawns, Inc. professionals are able to keep commercial lawns looking their best, offering an excellent impression to any and all visitors, from employees to prospective clientele. The team at Pro-Lawns, Inc. boasts over 20 years of experience working in the St. Louis area, and is able to ensure optimal health to a lawn through their maintenance techniques.

Year-Round Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services Offered by Pro-Lawns, Inc.

The professionals at Pro-Lawns, Inc. possess an excellent track record with commercial clients, offering a variety of seasonal services, as well as general lawn care and maintenance year-round. Throughout the year, Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers lawn care that is appropriate to the season, even setting watering schedules to coincide with seasonal climate needs. Fertilization, dethatching, aeration, seeding, weed and insect removal as well as more high-maintenance tasks such as brush hogging and sodding: These are a few of the services that can be combined with professional mowing and trimming to make a lawn beautiful and healthy, ultimately keeping lawn maintenance needs within a budget.

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It's not too late. There is still time to secure your place in the weekly mowing/landscape service route.