For commercial organizations in the St. Louis area in need of groundskeeping help, Pro-Lawns, Inc. is available to offer a consultation and most likely a professional service-solution. Beyond our well known services in the field of lawn care and turf maintenance, we offer additional services that help keep a commercial property looking neat and tidy for employees, visitors, members and even residents. This includes services such as general parking lot maintenance or the cleaning of the backside of a building - areas few people focus on, yet people often see. Whatever service is needed, there is a good chance we will able to accommodate.

Professional Groundskeeping Services in St. Louis

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we are equipped and able to perform a variety of commercial maintenance services, from seasonal cleanup to a weekly once-over. We take pride in 20-plus years of service in the greater St. Louis area, and stand confident that we are the best lawn care and land maintenance service provider for St. Louis commercial properties and organizations. Our leadership team is highly educated, and our skilled labor force is uniformed, punctual and possesses the skill set necessary to complete jobs effectively and efficiently.

The Importance of Commercial Exteriors

For commercial property owners and operators, an exterior serves as a welcome mat - a first impression. A dilapidated exterior implies poor quality throughout. A building exterior and the surrounding lawn, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways serve as the face of an organization, whether it's a business, church, school, apartment complex, housing development or world headquarters for an international corporation. Care and maintenance of these exterior features is of vital importance in order to enjoy continued commercial success.

Additional Services Offered Through Pro-Lawns, Inc.

Parking Lot Sweeping

We are able to keep lots immaculate through modern technology, hand blowers, and even the standard broom and pan. Whatever is necessary to get the job done, Pro-Lawns, Inc. will work toward total customer satisfaction. With regard to St. Louis parking lots, there is no job too big or too small.

Trash Can Maintenance

If you have large, commercial trash containers on your property, we can dispose of the trash appropriately and re-line the trash bin or canister.

Commercial Land Clearing with Debris Removal

A popular service offered and often used during winter and spring storm seasons. Frequently, St. Louis is hit with damaging ice and thunderstorms. We offer expedient service in removing debris after events such as these, or as part of a general maintenance schedule.

Drainage Basin Maintenance including Mowing and Concrete Runner Clean-out

All too often, drainage basins become the forgotten area on commercial property. Grass overgrows and gives way to weeds, and suddenly the concrete runner is full of debris and can't function properly. With regular maintenance, such a problem can be avoided completely.

Brush Hogging and Trimming

Commercial property operators in need of serious brush work can rely on our modern equipment and skilled hands for brush hogging and commercial trimming. We have all the tools and equipment accessible to make quick work of an overgrown field or overgrown trees that have become unruly.

Mobile Watering Services

For commercial organizations that are without irrigation systems, we provide mobile watering services to ensure all turf, trees, plant life and soils are receiving adequate water for optimal health and growth.

Aquatic Weed and Algae Control

Controlling and managing aquatic features such as commercial ponds and lakes is made easier through our aquatic weed and algae control service. This routine service will prevent bank weed growth, while also preventing surface algae from taking over an aquatic feature.

Retaining Wall Construction

We have the skilled professionals available to offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing retaining wall construction styles for commercial properties.

Decorative Rock Installation

Decorative rocks can really lend a pleasing look to a landscaped bed, as well as serve as a sitting spot for individuals hoping to relax on a work break or read a book in an apartment complex common area.


Power-washing is an effective method for cleaning many features of buildings and commercial properties, including concrete foundations, sidewalks, sidewalk joints, curbs, parking lots and entryways.

Hand Picking in Landscaped Beds

We are skilled in picking and planting by hand in landscaped beds. This includes planting a variety of perennial and annual flowers, as well as bulbs. We attack weeds by hand in bedding areas, ensuring that the root is pulled effectively.

We pride ourselves as the premier commercial lawn and property care service in the St. Louis metro area. For questions about available services, please contact us via phone or email.

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