For many St. Louis businesses and professional organizations, exterior aesthetics offer the very first impression. First impressions are important to customers, visitors, members, long-term clientele and even company employees. At Pro-Lawns, Inc., we specialize in commercial lawn maintenance needs that allow organizations to constantly make excellent first impressions. As horticulture experts, we offer our clients over 25 years of professional experience in lawn care service, providing quality lawn care and maintenance throughout Missouri's four distinct seasons. We take great pride in our customer service and satisfaction, and remain available seven days a week to offer our expertise and service within the field of lawn care.

Professional Lawn Maintenance in St. Louis

There are many companies within the St. Louis metro area offering lawn care services, however, when it comes to quality, professionalism, experience and customer satisfaction, Pro-Lawns, Inc. leads the way. Our goal at Pro-Lawns, Inc. is to help your business or organization look its best on the outside. Business parks, churches, apartments, condominium complexes or subdivision common areas: We are able to meet the many needs of each unique client. Regardless of the landscape, whether rolling, flat, terraced with planters, beds, trees or full of wide-open space, we offer a variety of services to keep your lawn both healthy and looking its very best. Our employees will grace your property as uniformed professionals, possessing all necessary legal state certifications for work performed. This is especially important to consider when lawn care may require an herbicide, pesticide or a combination of the two.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we begin with professional lawn mowing that is unique to each client's desire and need. For those who experience trouble with weeds: crabgrass, clover and the prominent dandelion, we deal with such issues to keep your lawn healthy as well as beautifully manicured. Our weed removal service includes a variety of techniques and environmentally safe solutions, as well as hand-weeding in landscaped planters and beds.

We offer striped mowing techniques that provide a look that is pleasing to the eye and functional for optimizing the health of the grass and soil. When mowing in tight areas such as parking lots and sidewalks we use push mowers that expel mulch, keeping the clippings away from parked cars or areas of heavy foot traffic. All grass clippings, as well as any litter on the property, will be properly collected and disposed of.

In addition to the management of grass length and health, at Pro-Lawns, Inc. we trim around beds and all landscaped areas and offer clean edges to sidewalks. We also police lawns weekly to ensure that they are litter-free and looking their best.

Fertilization and Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Needs

At Pro-Lawns, Inc., we offer the necessary variety of lawn fertilization for all of the Missouri seasons. Because the winters are harsh, fluctuating in temperature and precipitation, and because the summer brings its own mix of heat, humidity and storm activity, soil is in need of specific fertilization products, such as iron, to retain optimal health. Spring and fall broadleaf control is also available with fertilizer, offering a solution to any pesky broadleaf problem. If you experience issues with crabgrass, Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers an excellent spring treatment to put an end to the weeds that can affect the overall health of your lawn. Ultimately, any lawn care problem you are experiencing, from insects, including grubs, to fungus, Pro-Lawns, Inc. can offer a safe and effective solution.

Sodding and Seeding

Sodding and seeding services are available to those who are interested in new lawn coverage or additional growth. We are able to offer sod and seed solutions to landscaped features as well as areas such as parking lot islands. For specific information on commercial sodding and seeding needs, please contact us with your query.

Additional Lawn Maintenance Services

Brush Hogging

As mentioned, at Pro-Lawns, Inc., we're capable of offering several lawn and turf care commercial services, even when that includes the necessary reworking of a specified area. If you have high maintenance needs such as brush hogging, we have the modern equipment necessary to perform the job efficiently and neatly. We also provide several options to aid in the growth and health of a lawn after brush has been cleared.

Dethatching and Aeration

Dethatching and aeration are two lawn maintenance processes that will aid in the overall health and look of your lawn. Thatch is considered any of the organic materials that are left at the soil level that lie on the surface, blocking the sun, water and nutrients from easily getting to the root. The process needs to be done regularly to maintain healthy lawns and turf. Similarly, aeration is a process in which the ground is opened by penetrating tools that allow the soil to breathe most effectively, creating an environment for maximum health and growth.

For questions about our commercial lawn maintenance service, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We'll be happy to offer a free quote, as well as recommend services that would be beneficial for your business or organization in the greater St. Louis area.

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