Landscaping is a process of exterior beautification that allows a commercial organization to put their best foot forward. It turns heads, lures visitors and potential customers and allows employees and members to take pride in the organization they are associated with. Many landscaped features include planted beds, rock structures, wood structures, pathways with benches and business park common areas for employees and office visitors to enjoy. Needless to say, in order to keep landscaped features looking the way they were designed to look, there is a tremendous amount of work that is necessary; however, with routine maintenance, landscaping work can be done efficiently and effectively, while the designed landscape features remain accessible and beautiful to the viewing eye.

Before and After Landscaping Photos

We can now provide before and after photos for new and existing landscaping design projects.

Professional Landscaping Maintenance in St. Louis

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we are in the business of offering the best professional commercial lawn and landscaping maintenance in the St. Louis metro area. We possess over 20 years of experience in the business, boast modern equipment and excellent skill sets and provide our services with a focus on total customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of landscaping maintenance services to commercial organizations in the greater St. Louis area, and our expertise in horticulture allows us to take worn landscape features and make them look new again. We offer weekly inspections of a lawn and landscaped area to ensure optimal health, while caring for any needs that arise during the week. Seasonally, we trim, prune, plant and will even remove unnecessary plants, shrubs, flowers and trees in an effort to keep all features looking their best in a healthy, controlled environment.

Landscaping Maintenance Services Offered Through Pro-Lawns, Inc.

General Landscaping Needs

For the St. Louis commercial property owner or operator hoping to tidy up their landscaped features, we are able to edge and trim bed lines to create aesthetically pleasing lines, as well as offer routine weed treatment through pre-emergent and post-emergent techniques. This will offer an excellent foundation for bed health, as well as overall beautification. For anyone interested in adding color to landscaped features, we offer several annual and perennial flowers that are spectacular when in bloom. We choose and plant flowers and bulbs that are able to thrive in the local St. Louis climate.

Shrub, Tree and Plant Application, Removal and Routine Maintenance

We are qualified to install new plant life into a landscaped bed, or remove unwanted or unhealthy trees, plants or shrubs. We use contemporary and traditional horticulture standards when working with shrubbery and trees within landscaped features, trimming shrubs and pruning trees for overall health and aesthetic look. For plants, trees and shrubs in landscaped beds, and throughout the commercial property we are able to offer deep root fertilization, as well as pesticides to aid in maximum growth and health.

Seasonal Cleanup

In the spring and fall seasons, we prepare the landscaped features for the subsequent extremes of summer and winter by doing a general cleanup, trimming back decorative grass, creating new bed lines and ensuring that all landscaping features are fit for the season.

Mulching Techniques and How They Help Overall Lawn Health

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we also offer a variety of mulching techniques and services, from double ground mulch to dyed hardwood mulches, serving specific purposes for aesthetics as well as functionality. Mulch is often only seen as an easy method to beautify, yet it serves a wonderful purpose for the overall health in trees, plants and shrubbery.

Double Ground Mulch

Finely shredded as well as double ground mulch is an excellent way to repress weed growth in landscaped beds. The mulch will also serve to moderate soil temperatures, providing an optimal growth environment at the root level. Mulch also helps retain moisture and deliver it to the soil and root consistently - this truly helps for the overall health of soil as well as plant life.

Dyed Hardwood Mulch

Dyed hardwood mulches offer an excellent look to a landscaped bed, regardless of season. Even during the harsh winter months, they serve as color within the monochromatic scheme of plant renewal. Because dyed mulches are associated with their "great look," their function often goes unmentioned. Like ground mulch, dyed hardwood chips are able to moderate soil temperatures and retain moisture, aiding the overall health below it - both soil and root. When these larger chip mulches break down, they form organic matter which is also helpful to the soil.

The Importance of Routine Landscape Maintenance in St. Louis

The four seasons that visit the city of St. Louis on an annual basis can create a harsh and extreme environment for commercial landscaped features. Without routine maintenance, a landscaped bed will experience a harsh beating within a 12 month cycle. Before long, a landscaped area will need to be reworked or removed due to poor health of plant life and the fact that it will become an aesthetic eyesore. Through a few simple routine maintenance procedures, landscaped features will remain beautiful and healthy for many years, lending a handsome look to any commercial exterior.

For questions or additional information about landscaping maintenance and services offered by Pro-Lawns, Inc., please contact us via phone or email.

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