With over 20 years of experience in the St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding areas, Pro-Lawns, Inc. has grown considerably and is pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of commercial landscaping and lawn services.

With the recent concern about the environmental impact of landscaping and lawn maintenance services, Pro-Lawns has gone green and is proud to offer years of service with new knowledge to keep our services green.

Lawn Maintenance

Our commercial lawn maintenance services are adjusted to meet each client's unique needs. If you are experiencing common weed difficulties like crabgrass, clover or pesky dandelions, we can help you with our wide variety of safe and healthy environmentally-friendly weeding techniques. In planters and beds, our landscape specialists will hand weed.

To help ensure that lawns are neat and tidy at all times, our team of landscape technicians will go on weekly inspections of properties to make sure everything is looking its best. In addition, our striped mowing technique ensures grassy areas are not only easy on the eye, but allow for the best possible health of the soil. In narrow areas, we use a push mower. These green machines expel mulch, which we then use in our care of landscape beds.

Because keeping landscapes looking their best is our priority, any remaining trimmings or debris, as well as litter, is regularly moved from properties and properly disposed of.

Lawn Care

The area's harsh winters and blistering summers mean that spring and fall are the optimum times to fertilize and de-weed. Using green products and mechanisms, Pro-Lawns offers safe and environmentally-friendly fertilizer options to keep lawns healthy and growing. We also offer special treatments for any lawn care problem you may experience in the way of bugs or disease.


Whether you are starting anew or looking to replace the old, Pro-Lawns offers a range of landscaping services within the St. Louis metro area. Using careful mulch techniques that are beneficial in all seasons Pro-Lawn experts can maintain and prolong the life cycles of the various flora in your landscape. From parking lot islands to walkways, organic mulches help in our efforts to ensure your landscaping is always looking its best.

If your landscaping is looking old, we can remove dead plants and replace them with beautiful blooms that easily thrive in the St. Louis environment.


Missouri regulations require that commercial properties have irrigation systems with a backflow device. Knowing the ins and outs of state regulations, as well as understanding the flow of water, Pro-Lawns is able to install and maintain irrigation systems that will last for years.

A quality irrigation system allows for regular watering of plant life. By making sure an irrigation system is properly maintained, Pro-Lawns is able to save up to 30% of your water usage as well as a large chunk of money through preventing unnecessary water waste and avoiding the hassle of repairs to both systems and lawns.

Whether your commercial landscape needs require lawn maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, or any other specialized service, Pro-Lawns can make it green.

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