Many St. Louis commercial organizations have begun to add aquatic features to their properties, adding additional beauty to lawns and landscaped features. A pond or lake serves a nice area for a walking path in a housing development, apartment complex, business park, at a church or even at a specialized business selling outdoor goods. However, all aquatic features require routine maintenance to project a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment. Several tools and methods are implemented, such as fountains, aerators and aquatic life to help the water live and move, yet additional maintenance is needed to ensure that those tools function properly for optimal aquatic conditions.

Professional Lake Management and Maintenance in St. Louis, Missouri

Pro-Lawns, Inc. has served the greater St. Louis area for over 20 years, offering a wide variety of services to the community. Boasting educated professionals in both management and skilled positions, at Pro-Lawns, Inc. we are in the business of exceeding our customer's expectations, while offering service that is unique to each client's needs. Whether it is through our various lawn care methods, our incomparable commercial snow removal service or our quality lake management and management services - quality and efficiency are our top priorities. In terms of aquatic management, we offer a wide variety of lake management and maintenance services, aiding the overall health and aesthetic look of commercial lakes and ponds.

The Importance of Lake Management for Commercial Properties

Without quality lake management services, commercial lakes and ponds will suffer from negative consequences. Case in point, simply have a look at a "natural" pond in the St. Louis area. Though rain comes and moves water and wildlife finds its way to the source giving it the occasional stir, the water is still a "dead" source, simply meaning it is stagnated. It will give rise to weeds, cat-tails, algae, mosquitoes and other insects, as well as possibly a variety of unwelcome reptiles and waterfowl - it may be what nature intended, but not what a St. Louis area business or organization needs. In order to maintain a healthy and controlled lake or pond environment, routine aquatic care is a must.

Lake Management Services Offered Through Pro-Lawns, Inc.

Wild Geese and Pest Control

As enjoyable as it is to watch the geese fly south during the winter and let the kids feed them in the petting zoo, they can become an absolute nuisance to the commercial property possessing an aquatic feature. Everything they leave behind is a mess. In commercial areas, they can also become quite aggressive towards people, creating an unpleasant social environment. Through a variety of effective methods, according to the recommendations of the Missouri Department of Conservation, we are able to deter geese from commercial aquatic features.

Mosquitoes are another nuisance around St. Louis lakes and ponds, and are frequent during the rainy season, when they are able to rapidly breed, lay eggs and hatch. We offer effective treatments in mosquito prevention. This is a service that is important for a number of reasons. Mosquitoes can serve to be more than just an insect pest; mosquitoes can carry many forms of disease from wildlife and waterfowl.

Vegetation Removal

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we're not afraid to get our hands dirty through manual removal of vegetation. This includes weeds, cat-tails and excess build up of algae. Before offering prevention, sometimes it is necessary to provide a quick cure.

Algae and Weed Treatment

To prevent an influx of weeds and algae, we provide herbicidal treatments to commercial aquatic features that are harmless to aquatic life such as fish and turtles. This creates a more enjoyable bank environment, free of weeds and the unpleasant smell of algae, especially if landscaped with a walking or observation path.

Water Colorant Application

A service that offers a unique look to a pond or lake, we are able to add hues, tints and bold colors to commercial aquatic features, accenting and enhancing an overall commercial design scheme.

Floating Fountain Aerators and Lights

At Pro-Lawns, Inc. we are skilled in the maintenance and repair of floating aerator fountains and aquatic lights. Not only do aerators offering a nice look to a lake or pond, but they also serve an important purpose in maintaining better overall water health for fish or other aquatic life.

Fish Population Management

If a commercial lake or pond qualifies for fish through the Missouri Department of Conservation, we are able to help manage the fish population through a variety of methods effective for ponds and lakes. Rarely is it necessary to re-stock ponds or lakes once they have been populated - routine management is effective for growth, while encouraging spawning.

In terms of Lake Management, we are happy to answer any questions or queries about services we are able to provide. If interested in our St. Louis commercial aquatic management services, or any of our additional commercial lawn care services, please contact Pro-Lawns, Inc. via phone or email, and we'll happily offer a consultation.

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